Amazon is an AMAZON!

That’s stating the obvious. Amazon is an AMAZON of a company cornering the market in so many areas, from its AWS service to groceries and on demand entertainment,  and giving ‘giants’ like Wal-Mart serious heartburn and migraines galore.

I love shopping at Amazon. I hate shopping at Amazon. The prices seemed to change every two minutes. And I can NEVER seem to find what I am actually looking for. It’s like searching the Amazon Jungle for my green thumb. (that’s a really bad analogy – if you didn’t get the really bad pun!)

This year  Amazon bought up Whole Foods and began to cause the grocery markets to implode. The purchase of Whole Foods, at least as of today is a win for me since the prices at Whole Foods are going DOWN! Yay!

Still,  I am a little skeptical. Or would that be cynical? Amazon owns it all. Doesn’t that mean that it controls it all? That’s bad for me – eventually – right?


Enough rambling though. I want to share this thought provoking article over on Business Insider titled: The $13.7 billion Whole Foods buy has turned the world against Amazon — and we’ll see the sparks fly next year.

It’s a mark of how seriously corporate America now takes Amazon: When Amazon acts, the world reacts. And as we enter 2018, it’s becoming clear that either you’re against Amazon or, eventually, you might just become part of Amazon.

Worth a read.


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