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What ya doin’ – Refreshing php

The web – technology as a whole – takes massive leaps ahead. One day you’re happily coding in PHP5.X and the next you hear – PHP7 is out!

Wait! What?! What happened to PHP 6?!

PHP 6 was tabled as a version name/release candidate because it failed in its mission to bring native unicode support to the language. Apparently, doing so made PHP 6 a memory hog and a bear to program in.


To recover from this misfortune a new version number was chosen and new features implemented. The first RC of PHP 7 happened last month (Where was I for this party?!)  Word has it that PHP 7 ‘is a scorcher’ – super fast and responsive on the server! Yippeeee! Take that Facebook!!
PHPNG – PHP Next Generation – competes directly with HHVM and implements a JIT engine into Zend.


There are other goodies too. But I am still trying to wrap my head around what they are and how they’ll benefit me!

So. I have work to do to get up to speed on PHP 7 and see how much of 6 actually made it into 7 and which pieces of which version of 5 are defunct.

You can follow my learning curve – it shouldn’t be too steep – with this book.(Aff link)