Soooo…How’s that Linux working for you?

I am currently enrolled in community college pursuing a AAS in Linux Sys Admin.

The pros and cons of my current Linux class – four weeks in:

  • The professor is very passionate (YAY!)
  • He doesn’t take breaks (BOO!)
  • He doesn’t mind if you do though (YAY!)
  • The class is 6 -10pm (BOO!)
  • The traffic is crazy and parking is wack (BOO!)
  • Other students in the class are really nice (YAY! and YAY!)

We do most things in the console provided through a separate company and not the college. This means that I can log in from home and do homework and labs and see all that progress when I login at school. School machines are routinely wiped. I was pretty torqued when my VM was no where to be found the 2nd week of class!

Our testing has been lightweight so far and most of it is stuff I know already. It turns out I have a really high recall of old MS-DOS; which is not the same as LINUX commands but the quite similar. I make a lot of comparative connections between the two. It also helps that I have experience with command line in several other contexts (Putty and mySQL). Unfortunately, unless you pay extra or work in the field, modern web hosts don’t generally give you console access. So those experiences aren’t as broad or deep as I would like.

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green leaves

Happy New Year – And what’s your plan?

Happy 2018 to you!

And good riddance 2017!! You were a very bad year!

Out with the Old and in with the New!

I am very hopeful for 2018 and what adventures (fun and/or challenging) that it might hold.
I have gone back to school – currently seeking a AAS in Linux System Administration. I probably should switch to something like Java. But when the counselor asked to ‘pick one!’ from the list – Linux looked good.

It’s been over a decade since I have managed a Linux box. Back in the day it was an old, re-purposed Windows machine running Debian and then Red Hat. It was a great hobby box that let me develop my own CRM. Glorious. But it’s pretty difficult to defend a hobby machine on a live network. And seriously, ‘aint nobody got time for that!’ (LOL – love that meme!)

Now, I am picking it up just to get a boost and to explore other aspects of tools for the web. An it’s not something your average, cousin’s nephew can do for $5… Professional web devs will understand that frustration.

By the end of the year I want to have Ninja Level Command Line skill OR have decided that this web dev life is for the birds and begin exploring other fields of interest.

Besides upping my game in the dev field, I am exploring becoming a Virtual Assistant. I have a wide swath of useful office skills – Word and Excel as well as Photoshop and Illustrator. My thought here is ‘side hustle’ but also a way of being introduced to other types of businesses. I had an offer once to work in a B&B… I wish I had taken it! I could do all that I do now but from a beautiful old farmhouse!

Finally, I plan on posting here more often. Nothing life changing – or maybe quite life changing as I explore Virtual Assisting and Linux admin. Clients are a funny animal!

Wish me well and I wish you all the very best!


Amazon makes a move

Amazon is an AMAZON!

That’s stating the obvious. Amazon is an AMAZON of a company cornering the market in so many areas, from its AWS service to groceries and on demand entertainment,  and giving ‘giants’ like Wal-Mart serious heartburn and migraines galore.

I love shopping at Amazon. I hate shopping at Amazon. The prices seemed to change every two minutes. And I can NEVER seem to find what I am actually looking for. It’s like searching the Amazon Jungle for my green thumb. (that’s a really bad analogy – if you didn’t get the really bad pun!)

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Amazon May be Terrifying

An article I read on Quartz had me thinking, “Amazon May Be Terrifying”!!

Late last month I got wind of Amazon’s new “Keys” program. My eyebrows were in my hairline! Who would do that?! Why would Amazon think this is a good idea?!

But apparently, they do think it’s a fantastic idea that they take your keys and presumably your alarm code and maybe the best snack for your guard dog (or cat) so they can deliver your packages “just inside your door”. I would imagine that this brilliant scheme has been tested and surveyed to death. I would imagine that Amazon already has many keys to many homes and have used these keys successfully.

But HOW did they even come up with this super genius idea?

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Prager Univerity - What is the Alt-Right

What is the Alt-Right

I am not much of a “Politico”. I don’t follow any president’s every move. I don’t really pay attention to the latest “Cause” or “Culture War” squabble that the media is capitalizing on. I find it all a bit tiring.

But I do try to keep up to date on what kind of president we have, what’s going on (right or wrong) in the culture at large and how it impacts me and those I care about. And even how I might help or benefit.

I haven’t been paying attention of late.

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