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I was just looking at the blog and realized I had no posts since July of 2015. Wow! That’s more than a year ago. Now, that doesn’t mean that I did not do anything to the blog. I did. I swear!

I actually was developing a plugin that captured eBay product feeds and turned them into posts. It was going okay (no- actually it was a hot mess!) Because this is a live site and there were a number of fails, glitches and SNAFUs, I removed the code and with it the generated pages.

Lots of generated pages. But they were useless since I am not in the business of selling capacitors for FM radio building (?!). I could not get the eBay feed to consistently show the products I wanted (computer related) and so I had a lot of odd ball products showing  – some were VERY inappropriate.

Also, as per usual, I ran out of time for the project.  I didn’t have the time to investigate why it was doing some of the things it did. I have a regular 9 to 5 gig that keeps me in pennies and sometimes very busy.  That and all the other little jobs meant I was like the White Rabbit, “No time! No time!’  So I deleted it.

Unfortunately,  now my blog is barren and bare…

(I need a sad face emoji right here!)

SO what am I really doing?

Trying to absorb info about Node.js. I should develop a project with it… What is Node.js good for?  Web applications!  (Has anyone ever wondered what a ‘web application’ really is?! Is it bad that I think it’s just code on the web?! LOL. NO not like HTML/CSS – those are markups!)

I must admit it’s slow going. I even lost the book I was using as a primer. Yep. Definitely need to build something with Node.js.

I’m also thinking I should go back to school.

And I need to write more useful blog posts.

Hmmm… how about the joys of updating a VERY old site built in an ancient CMS framework.  Yeah. That’s a good one. It’ll be useful!



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