Amazon May be Terrifying

An article I read on Quartz had me thinking, “Amazon May Be Terrifying”!!

Late last month I got wind of Amazon’s new “Keys” program. My eyebrows were in my hairline! Who would do that?! Why would Amazon think this is a good idea?!

But apparently, they do think it’s a fantastic idea that they take your keys and presumably your alarm code and maybe the best snack for your guard dog (or cat) so they can deliver your packages “just inside your door”. I would imagine that this brilliant scheme has been tested and surveyed to death. I would imagine that Amazon already has many keys to many homes and have used these keys successfully.

But HOW did they even come up with this super genius idea?

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Prager Univerity - What is the Alt-Right

What is the Alt-Right

I am not much of a “Politico”. I don’t follow any president’s every move. I don’t really pay attention to the latest “Cause” or “Culture War” squabble that the media is capitalizing on. I find it all a bit tiring.

But I do try to keep up to date on what kind of president we have, what’s going on (right or wrong) in the culture at large and how it impacts me and those I care about. And even how I might help or benefit.

I haven’t been paying attention of late.

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What ya doin’? – Nothing



I was just looking at the blog and realized I had no posts since July of 2015. Wow! That’s more than a year ago. Now, that doesn’t mean that I did not do anything to the blog. I did. I swear!

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What ya doin’ – Refreshing php

The web – technology as a whole – takes massive leaps ahead. One day you’re happily coding in PHP5.X and the next you hear – PHP7 is out!

Wait! What?! What happened to PHP 6?!

PHP 6 was tabled as a version name/release candidate because it failed in its mission to bring native unicode support to the language. Apparently, doing so made PHP 6 a memory hog and a bear to program in.


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Marking Time

How do you keep time?

Count Up timer
A Count Up Timer is a must!!

I had a very interesting interaction with a client this week that had me thinking:

  • What?! My time is worth SOMETHING!!!
  • I need a new gig!!!

This particular interaction was all about time with a subtle inference that I was not accurately billing the client.


But this was the third time in about two months where I was pulled into explaining how I keep time. I have been at this long enough that I no longer DEFEND how I keep time. It is what it is. But now I am tired EXPLAINING  it.

So this blog post and the accompanying contract addendum are going to help me NEVER to have to visit this again.

Hope springs eternal.

I have two types of projects – fixed price and hourly.  No surprises there. Du jour for freelancing.

I am not going to talk about how I set fixed prices. I am going to explain how I track time for my hourly projects.

For hourly project :

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