Amazon May be Terrifying

An article I read on Quartz had me thinking, “Amazon May Be Terrifying”!!

Late last month I got wind of Amazon’s new “Keys” program. My eyebrows were in my hairline! Who would do that?! Why would Amazon think this is a good idea?!

But apparently, they do think it’s a fantastic idea that they take your keys and presumably your alarm code and maybe the best snack for your guard dog (or cat) so they can deliver your packages “just inside your door”. I would imagine that this brilliant scheme has been tested and surveyed to death. I would imagine that Amazon already has many keys to many homes and have used these keys successfully.

But HOW did they even come up with this super genius idea?

But Amazon’s unprecedented logistics and delivery infrastructure, paired with access to personal data about Americans’ purchasing habits, means it is unique in the history of global commerce. No company has ever wielded this combination of consumer insight and infrastructure, say historians and legal analysts, which means the company grows stronger and less assailable with every purchase.

They KNOW US! And we TRUST THEM. That is terrifying.

And in some ways stupefying. Why don’t we learn from history this simple lesson – the larger the entity, the farther away from the individual the entity gets, the more malignant the entity becomes? Take a look at any area of human history and any sphere of human existence, from religion to government to commerce to simple cultural norms, we can see where this pattern exists.

Maybe it’s our natural affinity for comfort ?

Read about what Amazon is and how it thinks at the link below:
There’s precedent for Amazon competing with so many companies. It doesn’t end well.

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