Preparing for a client meeting

It’s been a little while since I have had an in person, client meeting. Actually over a year.

I’m a little nervous about it. As professional as I will present myself, there is always that little fear that the client and I will not have a rapport – the client could be scummy :-D. Sometimes it’s very easy to hide scummy in email/Skype and phone interactions.

But mostly, it’s possible to have personality conflicts. Though I can’t really imagine why anyone would not love me! I’m wonderful! Talented! And soooo humble! (hehehe)

The possibility exists and so, I’m nervous. Fortunately, I am prepared! I have a mobile office.

  • Laptop with cables – loaded with every kind of software I would need
  • Business cards
  • External drive with backups
  • USB sticks with back up files that I could give to client
  • Pre-printed forms, legal documents and contracts
  • Pens, stapler, labels, tabs and other office supplies
  • Extra paper – letter, legal and lined
  • File folders – I use poly, tow pocket with prongs in signature blue and orange.
  • Folder with notes and spiels (in case my brain has a senior moment)
  • Printer…

Oh no. The printer is broken. I wont have time to take care of that before the meeting. And I don’t have a spare battery. But we’ll have  electrical outlets. Still, a working backup battery is desirable.

I carry all this stuff is in a Crop in Style XXL rolling cart. A soft sided, super roomy, scrapbooker’s dream.

I bought mine at Hobby Lobby, on sale and with a coupon. Regularly this little gem would cost $120 US. But Amazon has it for about $90. With prime membership shipping is free.

So I’m prepared. But I’m still nervous…

(this post has an Amazon affiliate link)

In the beginning…

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…

That’s how it all started. Some thousands of years later, I started this blog! It’s not my first creation – not by a long shot! But it is a creation of mine. And I hope it will be good.

This is my first post. Is it good? Well maybe it needs an image.



For now, I’ll just leave it blank and say hello to this blog world!