LOL – Do not ring the door bell

Do you have kids? Babies? Crabby babies who don’t sleep? Sleep poorly? Can be woken with a whisper? You can relate!

Welcome to the world of these poor parents. Parents with amazingly funny (if sometimes dark) sense of humor.

do not ring the door bell

I am still LOL-ing . Read the entire post here

NoCaptcha reCaptcha


That was belated.

In early December I read this Google Online Security blog post about the new offerings that are in the works for the recaptcha api. New. Improved. Human friendly. With CATS!!! How marvelous is that?! (We all know how the internets loves them some kitty witty cats!! 😀 )

NoCaptch reCaptcha - now with cats!
NoCaptcha reCaptcha – now with cats!

I haven’t played with it yet. I’ve been too busy chasing down server errors on a never ending project. 😐 But I like what they’re touting!

On websites using this new API, a significant number of users will be able to securely and easily verify they’re human without actually having to solve a CAPTCHA. Instead, with just a single click, they’ll confirm they are not a robot.

I think we’ll all agree that captcha and recaptchas time has come and long gone.



Spammers – A pox on your…EVERYTHING!!


One of the banes of blogging is SPAM. I hate it. I have no patience for it. I wish I could nuke it – hard.

I wrote a fun little post here (Baby Seal) and already there are 65 spam comments. SIXTY FIVE.

Blasted BOTS!

And worse, the humans who earn pennies inputting this stuff…GAH! Normally I’d feel sorry for them because they really do earn a pittance. But I don’t ’cause they are wasting my time!

(What? You didn’t know spam commenting was a thriving cottage industry? Welcome to the 21st Century.)

I guess I’ll have to resort to CAPTCHA. I hate that almost as much as I hate SPAM…



(Here is a Google search for POX.)

Ebay templates

Gaining Skill – Ebay Templating

“I told them you could do it.”

About 15 years ago I had an unfortunate gig working with a company developing ebay templates. It was TERRIBLE.

Ebay templates
Custom Ebay Templates

These templates offended everything about web development 15 years ago. Which is really saying something, since 15 years ago web development had been wrestled (beaten to a pulp) from the arms of geek programmers and given to designers who didn’t know how to design for the screen. (NEVER let a print designer design your digital assets.)

I remember cringing and groaning at the hideousness – the heights of ugly that they achieved. No. Not the visual design – though that was suspect – the underlying code.

Nested tables. Nested tables with spacer images holding the shape together. Abominations!!

It was all Internet Explorer’s fault of course. (Of course! !)

With this little bit of history, you can imagine how thrilled I was when my PM skyped that apparently flattering sentence to me.

I like the PM. Liked the project we were on. Did NOT at all care to have anything to do with Ebay. I don’t even use Ebay – not a seller, not a buyer, not a browser.

But he seemed confident and here I was looking for hours. So off I went.

TWO days later I finally find the template codes needed. Google almost failed me. Ebay does not make these things easily findable and I FOUND out why:

Quote from an Ebay rep :

The new Store design allows you to set the following:

  • Billboard image
  • Logo
  • Store name
  • Store description
  • Featured listings module
  • Default order in which items are displayed
  • Default view of Gallery or List

Even with the new design, the custom Store categories, search engine keywords, and listing frame features are the same.

There are no options to have:

  • A different layout (such as 3 columns)
  • Different colors or fonts (except within the Billboard and Logo images)
  • Promotional boxes other than the Featured listings module


So Ebay is changing how it is displaying sellers’ pages, products etc.

The new page design is nice – bland and serviceable – already dated as far as design goes.  But, and this might sound hypocritical, I actually like them.   But (again) all the ‘branding’ you would normally have will (soon?) be taken away. OR at least discouraged.  Your Ebay store will look like every other Ebay store for the most part… Or so it seems.

I don’t know.

What I do know is how to use the Ebay interface to create a real three column layout for pages.


I wish I could show the site – it’s actually not finished. The PM and the OM are rejiggering and jousting.  I have no idea what that will mean for the project. But for me I have a new skill!

I can develop Custom Ebay templates.  From Scratch. Code them out. Install them. And fix them!



LOLs – baby seal mugs!

As a part of ‘How I Unwind’ I spent twenty minutes on Pinterest looking through various ‘funny boards’.  This one had me LOL and rolling and tears.  ‘Cause (cute + rage comic + over stimulated brain )=== HILARIATY!


funny pinterest post - white seal cub
Yes. I did LOL